Wireless charging in growth period

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  As countries to support electric vehicle industry increasing, the electric car battery technology has attracted more and more attention, new technology emerge in endlessly. In China has obtained significant progress in electric vehicle wireless charging technology, southern power grid in guangxi electric power research institute senior engineer ZhuWenJi PhD in 4 years, led the team to start the global electric vehicle wireless power supply new era.
  At present, guangxi power grid company "smart grid oriented radio can transmit key technology research" project has passed the acceptance, the project to build the first article for electric vehicle wireless power supply lanes, through wireless transmission can provide vehicles with electric energy, as the theoretical basis for the popularization of electric vehicles.
  Wireless charging in growth period
  Since the 21st century, electric cars and cable charging pile already and gradually promote the use. But the way you need to use the battery cable connection charging machine and electric cars, tedious operation, poor reliability and security problems. In recent years, the electric car is more and more fire, many car brands are competing in the market of electric vehicles, but most of the buyers on the sidelines, charging is the main reason. The current way of charging electric cars mainly adopts the conduction, this with "tail" charging mode has many shortcomings, such as the battery pack in the space is large, short range and one-time charging time long and frequent charging.
  Wireless power technology and electric vehicle is convenient, has a wireless power supply lane guide rail can be charged; Reduced the car battery, the cost is low; Battery life is strong; Car battery requirements is low, for not only guide the standby; Environmental adaptability is strong, in the rain and snow weather damp environment can be normal use, etc. These advantages are proved the convenience of wireless power supply.
  Electric vehicle wireless power supply driveway now offers maximum power of 30 kw, for the total 24 kilowatt-hour battery capacity of electric vehicle charging, time needed for a full charge less than 1 hour, the range of 100 kilometers.
  Wireless charging for outbreak growth periods of gold
  As the new energy automobile market is growing, the corresponding demand for charging infrastructure is also index level increasing, and the current cable charging way too trival, does not have a good user experience, combined with the long charging time, completely can‘t afford to support the rapid expansion of market demand. So, the market urgently needs a revolutionary way of charging, even tesla built super charging stations, but due to the large investment, most of the manufacturers can not accept, this gives wireless charging provides a great opportunity of development.
  According to forward-looking industry research institute "in 2016-2021 China‘s electric car industry market demand forecast and investment strategy analysis report is expected, in China by 2020, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle production capacity of 2 million vehicles, the cumulative volume has more than 5 million vehicles. Assumes that the charging infrastructure and the electric car according to the ratio of 1:2 to construction, and wireless charging technology permeability is 50%. We speculate that in 2020, China‘s wireless charging market scale will reach tens of billions of scale.
  Since 2015, apple, samsung, etc are introduced intelligent terminal with wireless charging capability, in 2016, Qi standard will promote the 9 w and 15 w charging scheme, its rival cable fast filling speed, and with the terminal costs continue to fall, the burst point in the near time. Attitude to end customer, on the other hand, also can validate this trend, we believe that the future will witness a year to support wireless charging terminal spring emerging, transmitting equipment also will follow. Wireless charging market is expected to increased from $2015 in 2 billion to $2019 in 11 billion, permeability increase from 7% to 60%.
  Consumer electronics gold growth at the same time, the growing of electric cars will also open another blue ocean wireless charging, electromagnetic induction will be the mainstream of the electric vehicle charging scheme. At present, traditional depot, ICT giants and startups are poured into the phenomenon of wireless charging, the first wireless charging is put forward for three year growth periods of gold. Can say, in the next 10 years will be the best time to give a taste of wireless charging.
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