Power lithium batteries will have sustainable rapid growth

Publish:TOPS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED  Time:2016-06-30
  Market power lithium batteries in 2016 is expected to overcapacity, we judge the electric car sales in 2016 will reach 700000 units, the corresponding power lithium battery needs 30 GWH, according to our statistics from bottom to top, 45 GWH power lithium battery capacity cumulative built at the end of 2016, we have learned from the production line put into production to completely reaches producing also need 6 to 12 months, the 2016 new completely reaches producing capacity to 2017, 2016 power lithium battery industry effective capacity for about 35 GWH, industry capacity utilization by 86%, industry supply and demand in a state of health. We expect that in 2016 and 2017, lithium electric equipment market scale of 13 billion and 16 billion respectively, the boom of maintain high.
  Power lithium battery for sustained rapid growth. The lithium battery has the advantages of high energy density, no memory effect, the demand of the 2000-13 compound growth rate of 27.82%, accounting for the proportion of secondary battery has up to about 13%, and from the Angle of energy density is still has a wide promotion space. Is expected in 2016 power lithium battery needs 30 GWH, industry about 35 GWH effective capacity, capacity utilization rate of 86%, in a state of health. Permeability and electric passenger cars at present in China is lower than the United States and other developed countries, and commercial energy storage has entered the stage of popularization, we determine lithium batteries maintain high-growth 2017-20 years.
  2016-2017, the boom of lithium electricity equipment continues to maintain high. Per 420 million Gwh power lithium electricity investment cost, each 150 million Gwh lithium electricity consumption investment cost estimates, 2016-2017 power lithium electricity equipment needs, 10.5 billion and 12.6 billion, respectively, the lithium electricity consumption equipment needs, 2.46 billion and 3.27 billion, respectively, aggregate demand about 13 billion and 16 billion respectively, the boom of maintain high. Abroad in terms of equipment, auxiliary equipment for lithium battery production is higher, while the domestic is production equipment is high, it is understood that coating machine accounts for about 30%, about 20% winding machine, assembly and dry accounted for about 10%, activation points about 20% capacity test.
  Power lithium battery module and PACK automation assembly line system integration market. Subject to the reason of small orders in the past, module/PACK assembly is given priority to with artificial, power lithium battery demand makes investment module/PACK automatic assembly line has economy, automation system integration needs to release, 2016 will have a production capacity of 3 million power lithium battery PACK PACK demand, potential market space robot system integration 1.2 billion accordingly.
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