Power battery industry outlook is gradually clear

Publish:TOPS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED  Time:2016-06-30
  New energy vehicle market after the popular in 2014 and 2014 years of madness, ushered in the "new normal" in 2016, a few days ago, according to the first three batch of new energy vehicles promotion directory toppled the retrial, the auto motive battery industry standard conditions supplement notice two news, the industry come to judgment, countries will force battery enterprises access and the implementation of the new national standard.
  As one of three core parts of the electric vehicle, power battery a heavy weight, may say that new energy vehicles in the future, a large part of the pressure on the battery. Determines the range of electric vehicle batteries, determines the cost of the vehicle, determines the service life and determines the safety, decided to too many things. The status quo, to promote the domestic large and small hundreds of companies do the battery in running posture into the new energy automobile market, be the king monkey enclosure.
  Statistics show that 2015 vehicle power battery shipments of 15.9 GWH, sales income is 37.06 billion yuan, up 356.7% year on year, total than China lithium battery production reached 44%, more than mobile phones become China‘s largest lithium battery terminal demand.
  From the market share, byd, power lithium batteries rely on its new energy automobile performance, shipments of 3.69 Gwh, market accounted for 23.2%; CATL beyond the porch to become the power battery, shipments of 2.43 Gwh, market share of 15.3%; Walter shipments reached 1.37 Gwh, market share of 8.6%.
  From production point of view, the domestic lithium battery production reached 2015 GWh 47.13, up 54.78% from a year earlier, the rapidly increasing of power battery accounted, from 19% in 2014 to 36% in 2015, the production of automotive power lithium battery in about 15 GWh, total production of lithium battery is 32%.
  2015 domestic electrolytic production of 2015 tons, up 48.4% year on year, output was 20530 tons in the first quarter, up 96% from a year earlier. Li-ion battery diaphragm 2015 annual production of 2015 square meters, up 48.6% from a year earlier, the first half of 185 million square meters, up 88% from a year earlier.
  The new energy automobile production enterprises and products access management rules "(revised draft) specifically," since July 1, 2016, the new application of new energy automobile products and changes to extend product shall conform to the rules of the new energy automotive products special inspection items and according to the standard "requirement; since July 1, 2017, all products in production are should comply with the rules requirement of the standards." Visible, revised rules after landing, power battery will be some pressure on the companies and oems are, power battery companies need to take before July 1, gain access auto motive battery industry standard conditions, otherwise it will affect battery products on the new reporting models of load application. Has entered the new energy vehicles catalog of products, also want to take the time to adjust, before July 1, 2017 meet the relevant requirements.
  The development of new energy vehicles, not only about environmental protection and health, also with the national energy security, the new growth point of economic development, the strategic opportunity of automobile industry, is closely related to the transportation system of electrification, starting from the 12th, the government took it as a strategic pillar industry, and to support and promotion, for the money to billions, the central government and local government‘s supporting policies of books, at all costs to ensure its success.
  In the development of new energy vehicles on the road, in addition to the government‘s guidance and support, more from a batch of silent and cultivated, sockets, continuously break through technical barriers, make the products that meet the needs of the market, so as to implement the policy of the government, to promote the healthy development of the industry, to finally get rid of the dependence on subsidies and policy.
  Due to the outbreak of the new energy vehicles, power battery plate a turning point in 2015, revenue and profit growth, in 2016 by releasing power battery performance, if the new energy automobile production enterprises and products access management rules "(revised draft), the latest edition of the successfully landed, so power battery implementing the new national standard will be a foregone conclusion, enterprises should also actively preparing, new gb standard for power battery set is relatively high, so the enterprise to achieve these standards may need more time and higher cost.
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